You might have noticed that cats tend to stear clear of water. In general most cats don’t seem to drink enough water according to Despite your cats naturally independent ways they might need some encouragement from time to time, in their uptake of water and liquids. My favorites from the above article are listed below:

  • Try placing ice cubes in their food for a little extra fun and moisture. They also tend to absorb some of the food flavors making these objects even more enticing.
  • How about some tuna flavored water.
  • Everyone likes fresh water and your cat is no different. Keep their water refreshing.
  • Running water, from taps or fountains can entice some cats to drink more. How about you turn it into a game and bonding experience for the two of you.
  • Your cat might have specific tastes. You might try different style water bowls.
  • Keep the water bowl away from the litter box. It might be the reason they drink less often.