When you plan a vacation, you can’t always take your pet with you. It’s important to make plans for your cat or dog so they’re well-fed and properly taken care of while you’re away. There are several options for traveling pet parents – hire a professional pet sitter or board them at a doggy daycare or kennel.

Below is “The Tale of Two Sisters,” one of whom chose to hire a pet sitter, and the other who chose to board their dog…

SISTER A | Hired a Professional Pet Sitter:

  • Received real-time email feedback after each visit with pictures of her pups and details if they were fed, given fresh water, played and had treats.
  • Paid a per visit fee which included all her dogs which totaled $45/day.
  • Enjoyed her vacation and was able to relax, feeling great in the knowledge her dogs were being well taken care of .

SISTER B | Boarded Dogs:

  • Had to delay leaving for vacation to drop off dogs during kennels drop off hours.
  • Did not receive any feedback or news on how her dogs were adjusting to the new surroundings and other dogs at the kennel.
  • Was not greeted by happy dogs when she got home and had to wait for the pick up hours to see them.
  • Paid a per dog fee which totaled $80/day.
  • Stressed out her entire trip not knowing how her dogs were doing, hoping they were ok and feeling guilty for having left them.

More Pros of Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter:

  • Your pet can keep their routine and not pick up any bad habits form other dogs. Especially if you own a puppy or kitten, sticking to a bathroom and feeding regimen is essential.
  • Kennels can harbor highly contagious illnesses like kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and distemper. When your pet remains in the safety of their own home, exposure to these diseases is minimal.
  • In the event of an emergency, Pawsome Palz is trained to handle any health emergencies that may occur.
  • If you have a pet with special dietary or medical needs, Pawsome Palz administers medications.
  • Pawsome Palz gives special attention and playtime; things that kennels charge extra for.
  • Pawsome Palz brings in mail, waters plants, and turn lights on/off to deter burglars while you’re away.