It’s here, tick season that is, and while I mentioned in a previous blog the best ways to avoid them, I want to share with you my secret to dealing with those persistent buggers who still find a way to attach themselves……


WHAT IS IT? – The tick key is a handy little tool that makes it easy and mess free to remove embedded ticks in one shot and attaches to your key chain. Works on all animals and people too (my husband had to use it twice on me just last week).

WHERE CAN I FIND ONE?Pet Value carries Tick Keys, but if you are not a local you can also find one on Amazon, average cost is about $7.

Please remember this tick season is expected to be a bad one and to check your pets on a regular basis regardless of having them on a tick control already. Don’t forget to check yourself as well…I wasn’t even sniffing around bushes and rolling in anything and I got two!